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Baby Gear
Baby Gear
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✔ To prevent baby from dangarous accident
✔ Parents no need to feel worry and they are busy doing housework
✔ Single hand operation with safety release latch
✔ Suitable for staircase, corridor, kitchen's entrance and more
✔ Direct manufacture and quality local product 


✔ Colourful Design, attach baby's attention.
✔ EVA rear Wheel, Skid Proof, Rest Assured use.
✔ Adjustable Wheels, you can adjust the speed according to your baby's need.
✔ Different Functional Accessories will train baby's thinking / hearing/ vision and recognition capability.
✔ With Musical Keyboard and Drawing Board, can be an early education toy.
✔ This baby walker can assist baby in their learning to stand, walk and play.
✔ Assemble required by parents.
✔ Suitable for age 6 ~ 12 months. 


✔ Chrome painting instead of epoxy painting.

✔ Durable.

✔ Can fold flat and easy to keep.

✔ Netting with Good Ventilation so baby will feel comfortable.

✔ Removable and washable netting.

✔ 3 Recline Level.

✔ Can Switch to stop bouncing mode.